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The MinxLoft, Chiswick.

To feel sane, I need undisturbed mornings for quiet, reading, reflection and creative endeavouring before the world sucks me into its concerns. Ideal for this is A Room Of His Own, as Virginia knew well, where I may easily lay my hands upon what is needed; for example: book, spectacles, computer, online access.

Packing, car-loading, reflection. Off to Bibendum and the V&A.

22.46    Bredonborough.

Excellent lunch catching up with our pals Helen and Colin. Wide-ranging discussions including copyright theft. English Eccentrics had Helenís designs ripped off and plagiarized by some mighty names, and a whole new seasonís collection was once stolen from a secure vault. English Eccentrics influenced the people that influence the people.

Chaotic arisings in the world are useful for Creative people. If things are fixed, static, there is very little room for creative arisings to enter. With chaos, everything comes apart.  Clearly, this requires the right amount of coming-apart, and not just dropping-apart.

From an excellent lunch to the V&A. First gallery-visit: Golden Spider Silk (Spider silk at the V&A). Astonishing. One million spiders spun for 7 years to generate enough silk for a magnificent cape. Second gallery: Cecil Beatonís photographs of QE II. This included a filmed 1971 interview by David Bailey with Cecil in the winter garden of Reddish House.

H&C sped off to other commitments. We tubed to Chizz, loaded the car and hurtled northwards to collect WillyFred from his holiday hotel. Wilf was back from the rabbit-dentist and feeling a little sorry for himself IÖ


A hand-fed banana ingested and the Prince Of His Kind soon sparked into life, becoming a spraying-frenzy-monster and even caught me in the eye. The Minx was very pleased Bun had returned to life; my own enthusiasm a tad attenuated.

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