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Alex was in the back door c. 08.00, David 10 minutes later, and a broad accent of the local and landlordly kind came through the wall at 08.33.

Sounds above my head, emanating from DGM SoundWorld II, of KC in 1981.

Morning reading…

11.55 The street I…


DGM SoundWorld II…

… where Mr. Stormy is at work on KC - Live in Japan 1981...

E-mail is more like e-hobble with our appallingly slow onine. DGM has switched to the up-to-8GB! fictive-version of Demon speed - at no extra price! Same price, same feeble delivery.

12.14 Kitchen conversation I…

… covering developments in the industry, changes in technology, Google’s increasing world-power, and how these come together.

My view: when David and myself sit around a DGM kitchen table in the Spring of 2013, we will be working in a world where much of the currently-emerging-technology has found a place, and much of everything will be in the clouds.

David believes the future of major labels is as service providers; eg EMI is currently moving towards a rights-management model, rather than a record-company-releasing-CDs model. My problem with this possible-future is the entrenched major-label culture: it is parasitic. Major label culture is not oriented towards providing services to others: it is unmusical (dis-harmonic, out-of-tune and out-of-time) and aims to own/control rights in the work of others. Provide a service? Now that would be a development. Perhaps cf the changes during after c. 1987 in banking, from service-provision for clients, to players driving their own interests (eg Lloyds Bank buying up scores of estate agencies).

13.02 The Writing Project: from a frosty morning at Camp Lebanon on Friday 18th. March, 2005…

13.12 To the Professor of Ethics at a UK university…

… and i knew many of the musicians of the time, and also their managers. there are few good stories to be told!

moving to the US: one of the unforgivable crimes in england is to be successful, and a worse crime to be very successful.

your music: nothing is too personal! the most deeply personal is also the most impersonal & speaks to all of us.

so, waving encouragement from a wiltshire country road, in a crumbling office with the village store on the other side of a thin wall...

In the inbox from Andrew Keeling…

From Jordan Bracewell I…


17.03    The DGM Art Department has invited me in to see a preview of the covers for The Vicar Chronicles. Superb.

A little outbreak of The Writing Project.

17.48    Declan Panegyric called to discuss plans for further 5.1 releases.

20.05    Calls from the Minx, excited about Captain Bill’s new mixes, of The Humans’ second album, with Don Gunn in Seattle. A call from the Sistery.

David has limped home down the road I…


An evening computing ahead.

23.06    The broadband is so slow here I can’t even listen to BBC R4 news. So, I’m listening to the BBC news broadcast by PRI (in the US) on i-Tunes radio.

23.30 E-flurrying done. The floor is waiting.

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