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BBC Radio 4’s Today’s programme & its piece on 3D sound, news-linked by the Sidney Smith has gone out to all the folks in radioland…

Another interviewer for R4 is arriving at 17.00.

Meanwhile, morning reading is ahead with data crunching & transferring on Machine Two.

12.13    From The Writing Project…

Friday 31st. January, 2003;    Villa Mercedes / Padres Claretianos,
Calle San Pascual Nº 3, esquina travesía San Pascual,
28 460 Los Molinos, Madrid, España.

If  “tomorrow” is the first lie of the Devil, perhaps the second lie might be that our own contribution has no value; that we are powerless to make a difference in the world. It is very easy to believe that this is so, seeing clearly our frailties & weaknesses. But this is a lie, nevertheless.

13.07    Lunch of tasty Minx Vegetable Soup; moving to a remarkable bread & butter pudding of croissants, a dish T is prepping for a TV cooking show tomorrow. Very very tasty indeed.

16.05 T left for London c. 14.00. A haircut for me at Boggle’s Spa Of Beautification And Appearance Enhancement.

Watering at World HQ & back for the second R4 interview in a few days.

18.46    Toby Amies arrived punctually with Ms. Recordist / Editor…

… for the R4 Archive Hour to be broadcast on Saturday 9th. April .

Toby’s family lives at the end of our street here in Bredonborough, a prime reason to act otherwise in respect of that awful man’s SOP on interviews. About the only means of engaging with media, and not be censored, is the live interview; whatever the medium. Otherwise, censoring will take place for all manner of reasons: good, necessary, bad, trivial, irrelevant, arbitrary and more. Usually, this is because the interviewer has an agenda and the comments offered by the nominal interviewee are shaped to fit the pre-determined truth waiting to be declared by the interviewer. The leading & directing questions asked are almost always edited out of such talking head productions as rock documentaries, despite the fact that they shape what is said in response. The agenda on progumentaries is fairly clear, with only one prog-doc that came close IMO; but not close enough to convey the power of what was taking place at the centre of the eruption as it was erupting.

Today was very different. Toby’s aim in the programme stems from the recent death of his Sister. Although with an interview covering 1 hour & 40 minutes, editing is necessary & inevitable.
How much will be broadcast? I wonder. The only parts of my life I address as archives are the DGM & JGB. I had anticipated questions on diarizing & blogging.

So, we’ll see; or rather, we’ll hear in eight days time.

19.33    Final e-flurrying.

Some computerising & to an evening practising.

22.04 Settling and a quick look at a BBC TV Four programme on TOTP in 1976: there was the Minx being interviewed! This often happens: a programme & suddenly my Wife appears.

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