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A relentless grey continues in the skies over Middle England. What care I for this? Our home is decorated in period colours, which are strong & tend towards the bright. The reason for this is that interior decorators of former times painted strongly & brightly to offset the relentless grey of Albion. So, the vibrancy of the home-study is sufficient to lift the spirits, even when English weather would act otherwise, even sufficient to offset the sight of more waiting-organizing I


The table has various objects returning from the Biff-Store in Madison and underneath are more artefact-memories-of-traveling to be sorted.

An early lunch & then to organizing & clearing. A civilian, now declining good-work as well as interesting-work, I find that a different sense-of-living is becoming possible; perhaps because I do not feel on call, as would a professional player; not so much a hostage to the arbitrary arisings that hitherto characterized & impacted much of my planning & scheduling. I look on, and notice there are changes underway; not seeking quite to define them  and willing to follow where they lead.

Calls to Uncle Bill & Old Pal Reg from The League Of Gentlemen in 1964-65.

Late-afternoon street I




Pals are coming for supper at 18.00.

21.13    A lotsa-fun evening with our chums.

To gentle.

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