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Previous Item   August 25, 2014   SOUND  VISION WORD


Cottage Quite Acceptable, Woodstock.

In the first part of NightWorld, with Greg Lake: attempting to perform In The Wake Of Poseidon live with pre-recorded backing tracks, which wouldnít quite load or function. Well. Itís not often that Iím working with Greg in NightWorld.

Rising 06.15. For the second morning here, deer crossing the road and onto the property. No bears seen yet.

Morning reading in the kitchen workstation-areaÖ

A good reflective moment. Onto practising.

11.45    Shortly off Ö to our rehearsal studio IÖ


20.09    Arriving c. 12.00 IÖ



Ö to The Sirius Probe not probing very much at all. Currently more like The Woodstock Wanderer. Nevertheless, at 11.15 there was a summoning of the Crimulati and a KC fisting IÖ


Ö to formally begin this next stage of Crimsonising I...





During an afternoon coffee break, an e-mail came in from Chris Stein with Blondie in Croatia: would Fripp like to reprise Heroes, and possibly a couple of Blondie songs, in Londonís Hyde Park for BBC2 on September 14th? Heavily yes! But on that day KC will be leaving Philadelphia for Boston. Enthusiasm for future rocking-out with Blondie expressed. This an example of a downside to the touring life: missing out on weddings, funerals and hot dates with Minxes and rock-buddies.

Repertoire moving forward despite the Sirius-Not-Probing-Very-Much-At-All. Completing at 18.00. Back to the Cottage-Of-Acceptability, dribbling.


22.40    There are various ways and forms-of-words to express the King Crimson Principles, but on this particular evening, to recapitulateÖ

King Crimson Principles.

1.    May King Crimson bring joy to us all. Including me.
2.    If you donít want to play a part, thatís fine! Give it to someone else - thereís enough of us.
3.    All the music is new, whenever it was written.
4.    If you donít know your note, hit C#.
5.    If you donít the time, play in 5. Or 7.
6.    If you donít know what to play, get more gear.
7.    If you still donít know what to play, play nothing.

Of these, the key KC Principles areÖ

The music is new.
Playing Nothing is a necessary contribution, just more difficult.

So letís have a party and rock out!

And a little more practicing, with new ideas appearing.

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