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Continuing to reject the overtures of Devil Bug.

disappointment:: Posted by Crimsoid on November 14, 2006

One great disappointment today: Tool are coming to the UK for 5 shows http://www.toolband.com/tour/ while Iím in Japan. Not only can I not go alone & cheer loudly, but Iíve been invited to sit in, on any Tool song of choice, and or Soundscape. This is the only band that makes me want to strap on my guitar & rock out.

Iím quite sad and disappointed too after reading those words, written by Mr. Fripp. Why? One sentence. What about Porcupine Tree!?

Fortunately, I count both bands as pals. Even more good fortune: Iím invited to play with both of them. And while the bad news is, Iíll be in Japan when Tool are in the UK, the good news is while in Japan, Iím there with Porcupine Tree.

My opinion is often invited on the merits of various artists & players. Conventionally I decline to offer an opinion, on the grounds that by talking of one artist, I am not talking of another. That is, the expression of enthusiasm for one artist may be construed as implying less enthusiasm for another. Mr. Crimsoidís posting is a good example of this.

Porcupine Tree, whose new album I have been invited to play on (an offer which I have gratefully accepted), has a different musical sensibility to that of Tool. Obviously: both bands have their own character & individuality & both require an appropriate response. When I go to PT material, itís with a more considered approach; with Tool, my response is primarily instinctive. Tool: strap on & rock out! Porcupine Tree: listen, absorb, respond.

This is commentary in broad strokes. One of the Porcupine Tree tracks Iíve been sent is more rockout! than absorb & respond! And you canít go too far with Tool without giving thought to the structure.

09.03  Jeff Fayman has called from the West Coast to discuss our upcoming sessions in Seattle. The boy is up late.

19.47  A day of getting-ready for traveling, with a little practising.

Posted by nikgreen on November 14, 2006

Having glanced in here on a regular basis for a few years now, it is hard not to notice Robert Frippís commentary on (very dodgy) business practise, and some of the incidents which he has made public, regarding disputes in which he has had to take lots of time out of living his life, in order to address. 

Also noticing that R.F. is subject to bouts of "bibliophiliacal tumescence", this book "Snakes in Suits" by Paul Babiak Ph.D and Robert D. Hare Ph.D (ISBN 100-06-083772-1 and ISBN 13 978-0-06-083772-3) is an excellent read and gives a load of insight into what often happens when psychopaths (and sociopaths) end up in the work place, especially in prominent positions in the corporate world. Perhaps the actions of some of the gnarlier characters in the music industry with whom (R.F.) has had to tangle could be handily explained and "rationalized" by the insights from these two authors.

Mr. Greenís steer had these whipcords snapping, propelling me along the High Street to The Bredon Bookshop, where an order was placed.

Oh no!...

More Disappointment:: Posted by orangeskiesmusic on November 15, 2006

I have to say my reflection on Robertís comments re: Tool were not to think about Porcupine Tree, but to reflect sadly on some other band Iíve grown quite fond of over the years...King Crimson I believe they were called.  If they donít make him want to strap on and rock out anymore then we might as well all give up and go home  :-) David J-S

With this particular band, itís not possible to walk up, walk in, strap on & listen, absorb, respond & rock out! Prior to this comes so much business-business, which falls to the English guitarist to address; the other two bands are ongoing.

My present life & activities, which Bredonborough locals might consider already pressured in extremis, would move to levels of intensity & despair I have not known on a daily basis since Crimson were last on the road in 2003.

Moving associatively along, on the subject of the touring life: my Wife believes that, as a young touring player, much of my energy was expended in acts of helpless rutting. Yesterday she was in Bredonborough Health Shop & the lady-person shop assistant asked her: Wasnít your husband in Motley Crue? Youíve changed his ways. My Wife agreed.

Itís true. My Wife has calmed me down.

Now, off to London.

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