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On this day in 1914, St. Edith of the Valleys entered our suffering world.

Over the road to World HQ I…


… to where pictures of Edie’s Parents are on prominent display…

 Gladys Louise Greene…

… Granky Joe…

… and their second daughter, Edie c. 1931…

A homily from the family home in Aberbeeg…

I miss my Mother’s company. Tears, of gratitude, joy and missingness, are never far away when I remember her. Edie was a bright, supportive light in her children and Husband’s lives. Sistery Patricia has arranged for flowers to be put on our Parents’ grave in Witchampton churchyard.

Morning reading…

… followed by visits to the SSG, SSG VI and GC History Project sites. Now, onto one of the three major disputes currently underway.

10.50    A commentator on the Grooveshark discussion...

Anonymous Cowardly stranger 14oct2011:
The material was removed in the end. Sad as it is that the industry is changing in radical ways, it most certainly is not Groovesharks fault that streaming does not pay a lot. Technichal stuff like this email demonstrates is to be expected. In addition Fripp has a rights confusion issue, since multiple sources have probably owned the rights to his material over the years.

Take the aggro down a couple of notches. It’s easier on the angina.

A good post, and I am supportive of the radical changes to the music industry, but regrettably the post is undermined by ignorance. Replace the probably with a not and we get this re-formulation…

Fripp (and DGM and Panegyric) are fortunate in that they can be certain in respect of his / their rights, following 6 years and 7 months of dispute and litigation 1991-97 which confirmed this position; which has been recently confirmed once again by EMI lawyers; and they know no other sources have owned the rights to his material over the years. This is a fact exceptionally rare among artists, and enables him / them to counter erroneous claims by parties, such as Grooveshark, who claim to have been granted legal and legitimate licenses. It also allows him / them to refute ill-informed and assumptive postings from those who go out in public and comment on the weather with their head placed where sunshine never falls.
Time to take the aggro down a couple of notches? Count me in. There is good news in all of this: we have a clear standard to apply to Grooveshark’s claims to legitimacy:

If there is any KC / RF / Fripp & Eno / JF&C / RF & The LCG material on Grooveshark, this indicates that Grooveshark is acting improperly and illegally.

Among the main claims, made publicly for it by Grooveshark representatives, are these:

1.    transparency;
2.    respect for the rights’ owners;
3.    generating a new income stream for artists.

(At least) the second claim can be tested by applying the simple test: go to Grooveshark and type any of the above artist-names into the Search function. If any tracks come up, the rights of the rights’ holder/s are being abused. And anyone can apply the test.

12.59 Back to get lunch for the Minx.

17.12    T set off to Wales at 14.30 for a Toyah Band gig.

Pre-packing. Meeting with Mr. Cheese the Constructionist at 16.00. Launderising. Organizing cupboard and clothes.

Early evening street I…



19.33    To practising.

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