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Parford Well B&B Of Quality, Care & Hospitality, Near Chagford, Devon.

Oh no! Rising at 07.17 from problems on the road with Tom, Head of Children Of Chaos Management, Touring & Security Services. Embracing the day a few minutes earlier than yesterday, jet-lagging continues.

Below freezing in the night, misty morning I



Stunning breakfast. Off to work.

12.55    Super Audio Mastering. Monks Withecombe.
Chagford, Dartmoor.

Leaving for SAM c .09.55 & arriving to Simon & Andy applying themselves to The Light Of Day, track six of JFC I


A through-listen c. 12.20 with small fine-tunings of the stereo. Track Five is slightly below the overall level of the other tracks, so we are re-vibrating as I type.

JFC is a superb album. I have not heard stereo quite like this since the early 1970s, and much of that was not of this quality. Our stereo-positioning & balancing is exquisite. If the sonic & musical pattern / picture is not rightly placed & positioned, it hurts, I twitch, I cannot settle. Dealing with this, I impose on the patience of others recently Jakko, Steven Wilson & Simon Heyworth. How to convey three dimensions within a two-dimensional stereo picture? It is something like acting in accord with conscience.

JFC is one of my favouritist albums, of those where I am a determining element. It has the Crimson gene, but is not quite KC. It is a Crimson ProjeKct, although this was not the intention. Given the gene pool, I suppose this counts as evolution. If JFC were named as a ProjeKct, which would be legitimate IMO, then all manner of expectations, categorisations, limitations & dopey commentaries would be launched to deter the ears of innocent audients.

Following recent diarizing on possible trajectories & processes in my musical life, one possible way of moving forward after the collapse of the KC Celebratory Crimsonising was for ProjeKct Seven to go live. A main part of P7 as conceived was to have been the players of JFC JFCL&H. I saw how the business might be arranged to support rehearsals & live, with Gaucho Productions as the business entity and performances in the UK & Spain. This was fully discussed with Don Hernan of Gaucho Productions. Who knows where P7 might have gone?

My internal sense of direction, necessity, trajectories & shifting stages carried me to Spain & Italy with Theo & Fripp, and the nature of the WFC waiting to be seen, recognized & acknowledged. But, for at least the next period, live work in conventional forms as a working player, if not quite a touring player, would be a distraction from more pressing necessities.

14.32    A tasty lunch & back to tickle The Other Man, track 5.

A stunning sonic tapestry, carefully woven & satisfying to the ear.

New JF&C CD?
:: Posted by Bassman on December 13, 2010
Any idea when the Jakko, Fripp, Collins, etc CD will be available?

Declan of Panegyric suggests May 2011.

15.11    Our next piece of work: Orchscapes (9th Oct 2008 & 22nd Jan 2010)
is underway.

Gloriousness! Wonder! Joy! The opening of Pie Jesu is now a hovering, sonic womb.

18.36    Midnight Blue well on the way, but after 8 hours Im not trusting my ears to make fine judgements. Enough.

19.31    B&B Wondrous, Parford Well.

Host Tim had a frustrating day with BT regarding his internet. After several hours speaking to India, finally Tims equanimity went. Well. No online tonight. Not quite a holiday for me, but close. Computing sans net, then.

21.59    Done.

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