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The sun is shining.

The street I…



The DGM Parking Lot…

The DGM Park…

09.13    The inbox has a number of questions from Crafties addressing important matters. Sometimes it is better, where the aim is to bake fish pie, to provide a fishing rod with directions to the nearest river.

11.36    My eyes have just fallen on the glossary (DU II p341)…

Ableness-To-Be: The property common to all entities… of existing independently.

For the first time, I have a sense that I know what this is referring to. More than that, I have been knowing & familiar with this for many years, even tried to explain it to others. But the terminology, and linked to that dreaded word hyparxis, prompted cognitive disruption.

Cf Albert Low in The Systematics Of A Business Organization (p275):
The hyparchic dimension of capacity refers specifically to doing what needs to be done. Cf honour necessity? It refers to the action of will through decisions.

AL then quotes JGB in DU I p. 277:

Hyparxis is the power which enables everything to repeat itself but only to a limited degree and that is measured by its ableness-to-be. From this it follows that ableness-to-be is a quantity and therefore must be susceptible of measurement.

JGB from the glossary of DU II (p343): Hyparxis: The condition of existing in a state of sensitivity. That is, being awake: maintaining a sense of presence while in motion & repose.

No longer distant notions, but here & now practicalities.

13.19 Kitchen meeting reporting current arisings & reflections, practical & creative I…



15.03    The digital cover for The Humans’ single (released September 7th.) has just come in…

20.13    David has recently left I…


The street in the other direction I…


23.37    An evening, a day, of e-fury & the inbox remains at 149. Topics: Guitar Craft in various aspects, including its history & possible futures; the life of the working player; theft, inequity & corruption applied to the life of the working player; dying, living.

Overall: a creative wave is rising.

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