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New Release Posted: 14 April 2014
Old Waldorf    San Francisco, CA    Nov. 28, 1981
“How’s dinner tonight?” asks a wry Belew on the second night of KC’s 4-date sojourn at the Old Waldorf. Not for nothing did the SF Chronicle cite these shows as a highlight of the venue’s existence when it closed down
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Armoury    Wilmington, Delaware    Feb. 11, 1972
Since Crimso last played the States they’d not only parted company with Peter Sinfield but had managed to break-up during their first writing/rehearsal session in January.

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On This Day 2003
Aichi Kosei Nenkin Kaikan    Nagoya, Japan    Apr. 20, 2003
The penultimate gig of their Japanese tour, KC sounds oddly poppy in places. ProzaKc Blues seems more accessibly straighter than usual -- with the end section sounding radio friendly. Ditto the rendition of Eyes Wide Open which has a more
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King Crimson No ratings available
Commodore Ballroom    Vancouver, Canada    Dec. 01, 1981
This rather murky audience recording captures Crimson on the last night of their North American tour. Thanks for Mister Stormy’s ministrations a picture of a highly charged band emerges, whose power moves far beyond its humble sonic
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King Crimson No ratings available
Queen Elizabeth Theatre    Vancouver, Canada    May. 30, 1984
“Welcome to the start of the King Crimson 1984 tour of America I hope you know some of these songs and note the discrepancies and applaud our bravery afterwards” says
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Mr Stormys Monday Selection Vol.5    Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom    Dec. 23, 2012
With solar powered torch in hand, and flat cap upon his head, it's time once again for good old Mr Stormy to give up his newly discovered treasures. Now in it's fifth
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Robert Fripp No ratings available
Royal Albert Hall    London, United Kingdom    Jun. 29, 2004
The final date of the UK leg of the G3 tour. Punter TimJ thought that Fripp’s solo spot opening the evening was “Just a load of washy synth sounds. I was at least expecting something that sounded vaguely like a
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Robert Fripp No ratings available
Royal Concert Hall    Nottingham, United Kingdom    Jun. 28, 2004
A wonderful set that’s on a par with the Birmingham gig in terms of the sense of sustained reverie Fripp generates across the entire half an hour. It’s interesting also that there’s more voices of support for Fripp’s set here
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Robert Fripp No ratings available
NIA Academy    Birmingham, United Kingdom    Jun. 26, 2004
If you only want to buy one show out of this bundle of gigs then you could do a lot worse than your lugs around this gorgeous, radiant set from
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Robert Fripp No ratings available
City Hall    Newcastle, United Kingdom    Jun. 25, 2004
The ghostly choirs that whizz and whoop across the beginning of Paradise Lost weren’t exactly appreciated by everyone attending the third night of the UK G3 tour. In fact a substantial number gave Fripp the slow hand clap treatment such
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Robert Fripp No ratings available
Clyde Auditorium    Glasgow, Scotland    Jun. 23, 2004
The opening night of the G3 tour found Fripp werning and squerning in bonny Glasgow. Given that the vast majority of people attending that night would’ve have turned out for the other members of the G3 - Joe Satriani and
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Robert Fripp No ratings available
International Centre    Bournemouth, UK    Jun. 27, 2004
Playing on what might almost pass for his home turf (or the nearest thing to it), Fripp had his usual detractors but there were also folks who were impressed by what they
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ProjeKct Six No ratings available
Nokia Theatre    New York , NY , USA    Oct. 06, 2006
Is the fact that the duo are in New York anything to do with this show having a more in-yer-face vibe about it than the previous evening’s performance? After the jaunty opening of Mission Possible, Fripp gets down to some
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King Crimson in San Francisco 11/28/1981
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