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Previous Item   August 26, 1996  Next Item SOUND  VISION WORD
    Mann Centre    Philadelphia, PA
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With over 150 gigs under their collective belt this is the last live performance by the Double Trio. What we hear is a band that was undoubtedly tired and feeling the strains of such an intensive and energy-consuming schedule. Bruford has remarked that his last show ever playing under the banner of King Crimson was “played out with packs of ice, and through a fog of painkillers” thanks to a wrist injury he had picked up along the tour. Being professionals they carry off a performance which probably doesn’t count as one of their best but is lifted aloft by an enthusiastic and supportive Philedelphia crowd.

They hurtle through the set like a bunch of cross-country runners desperate to reach the finishing line. In what might well be the quickest version of Indiscipline, Belew delivers the words at breakneck speed, while the haste with which LTIA 2 is dispatched borders on the indecent.

This concert was first released as KCCC38 in 2008.

Disc Number 1
1.  Conundrum  [PREVIEW]  1.33
2.  Thela Hun Ginjeet  [PREVIEW]  6.00
3.  Red  [PREVIEW]  6.19
4.  Dinosaur  [PREVIEW]  6.50
5.  One Time  [PREVIEW]  5.56
7.  Waiting Man  [PREVIEW]  4.32
8.  Neurotica  [PREVIEW]  4.34
9.  Elephant Talk  [PREVIEW]  4.59
10.  The Sheltering Sky  [PREVIEW]  6.52
Disc Number 2
1.  BBoom  [PREVIEW]  5.44
2.  THRAK  [PREVIEW]  8.40
3.  Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream  [PREVIEW]  4.48
4.  Indiscipline  [PREVIEW]  6.04
5.  Larks Tongues In Aspic Pt II  [PREVIEW]  7.01
6.  Prism  [PREVIEW]  5.11
7.  21st Century Schizoid Man  [PREVIEW]  7.16
8.  VROOOM  [PREVIEW]  3.53
9.  Coda Marine 475  [PREVIEW]  3.33

All previews are MP3 192kbps

Robert Fripp
Adrian Belew
Tony Levin
Bill Bruford
Pat Mastelotto
Trey Gunn


Audio Source: Board Recording

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