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Previous Item   November 16, 1995  Next Item SOUND  VISION WORD
    Rochester Auditorium Ctr    Rochester, NY
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The setlist has been moved around a little more with the Two Sticks improv dovetailing into Neurotica in quite an effective way with Belew picking up Trey’s high note. A good Thrak improv, part of which found its way onto THRaKaTTaK Part II. Though not necessarily to his liking eye-witness Bruce acknowledged “ There was not a slack moment; even mediocre Thrak tracks like People contained vicious improvisations. Another six months of touring has gotten the band to the point that they inhabit the compositions...they stalk around inside them, kicking at the rafters, re-wiring the circuits, slamming all the doors and windows. Subtle refinements to the setlist have positioned every song to maximum effect. Absolutely *ripping* show. The low point of the show may have been the Indiscipline encore(!?) Adrian rushed through the lyric; while this prevented the audience from stealing his thunder, it drained the tension from the piece. The instrumentals still shredded, though. At one point Fripp broke through the mix playing something so nasty I nearly wet myself.”

Disc Number 1
1.  Conundrum   1.30
2.  Thela Hun Ginjeet   6.42
3.  Frame By Frame   5.14
4.  Red   6.23
5.  Improv Two Sticks   1.37
6.  Neurotica   4.51
7.  Walking On Air   5.02
8.  People   5.54
9.  The Talking Drum   3.05
10.  Elephant Talk   5.17
Disc Number 2
1.  BBoom   5.38
2.  THRAK   6.36
3.  Matte Kudasai   3.34
4.  Dinosaur   7.03
5.  Larks Tongues In Aspic Pt II   7.45
6.  VROOOM VROOOM   4.56
7.  Indiscipline   8.23
8.  Prism   4.17
9.  Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream   5.06
10.  VROOOM   4.00
11.  Coda Marine 475   2.36

Robert Fripp
Adrian Belew
Tony Levin
Bill Bruford
Pat Mastelotto
Trey Gunn


Audio Source: Soundboard Dat Tape

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