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Previous Item   July 01, 1974  Next Item SOUND  VISION WORD
    Central Park    New York, NY
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Of this momentous concert John Wetton comments “If I shuffle off this mortal coil tomorrow that gig would be the one for me. That was the one…it was almost tearful, it was so emotional.” Memorable for not only being the last date with David Cross but also for Fripp the first gig “since the 1969 Crimson where the bottom of my spine registered ‘out of this world’ to the same degree.” Of the improv, Cerberus, John recalls “It's very together. It's almost telepathic the stuff Bill and I are doing…The energy level is terrifying.” And so it is. An unbelievably poignant gig marking the end of an era but the beginning of something else. Just a week later with David Cross no longer with them, they entered the studio to start recording Red and just two months after that, King Crimson would "cease to exist." Please note that this concert has previously been released on CD as King Crimson Collectors' Club #10

Disc Number 1
1.  Walk On  [PREVIEW]  1.54
2.  21st Century Schizoid Man  [PREVIEW]  7.58
3.  Lament  [PREVIEW]  4.46
4.  Exiles  [PREVIEW]  7.56
5.  Improv Cerberus  [PREVIEW]  8.27
6.  Easy Money  [PREVIEW]  6.26
7.  Fracture  [PREVIEW]  11.21
8.  Starless  [PREVIEW]  12.31
9.  The Talking Drum  [PREVIEW]  5.27
10.  Larks Tongues In Aspic Pt II  [PREVIEW]  6.57

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Robert Fripp
John Wetton
Bill Bruford
David Cross


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Fan Reviews

 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars6 out of 5 stars5 Stars doesn't begin to describe this..., Sat., Feb 8, 2014
Written by mannylunch

My witnessing of RF (and KC) in performance began with KC in Central Park the previous year, 1973 (a little of which you can watch on the DVD included with the 40th Anniversary edition of Starless And Bible Black package), and continued with the the Felt Forum precisely two months before (May 1st, 1974, Robin Trower opening).

(It would’ve begun with Fillmore East in 1969, had not my parents absolutely refused their 12-year-old to journey by himself down to the ’dangerous place’ of the East Village. "Muggers! Drug dealers! You’re not going!")

Both those aforementioned appearances made unforgettable impacts upon me that ’entertaining rock music’ - indeed almost any genre of music performance, on on type of ’stage’ to that date, had failed to do.

I’ve been fortunate enough that I can count about dozen or so I-Will-Remember-It-Every-Day-For-The-Rest-Of-My-Life music experiences in my life (out of thousands - no exaggeration). Many of them involve RF (and that’s if I count the Savoy ’81 six show residency as one tick of the finger), although I will include Mahavishnu Orchestra, also the previous year in Central Park, as preceding this night in tally. However, this night vies for the top of the list up to this very day.

THIS Night! ..was not merely musicians presenting difficult music superbly (often a dry academic intellectual exercise), but shamans casting powerful spine-tingling spells through the use of organized sound, to pierce our mortal shells and touch the timeless spirit within.

As you can see from the track list above, they began with a notably powerful rendition of the crowd-pleasing (usually encore capper) ’Schizoid, Maa-aan’ - to get it out of the way - and EVERYTHING that followed was successively, step by step, MORE POWERFUL, all the way to the end.

The stars were truly aligned - the last light of dusk faded to black in the sheltering sky overhead as the the first notes of Starless began..

This night...an out-of-body experience that lasted for hours afterwards (for myself, at least, not aided by substance enhancements of any kind whatsoever, legal or extra-legal). It is gratifying confirmation to know that JW and RF shared this resonance.

For those who were not there, this CD is postcard (albeit worn at the edges and slightly blurry) of a great and rare event - you cannot do without it. DO NOT HESITATE!

For those of us who were there, this recording serves only as a reminder that what happened that night - both for musicians and audience - went far, far beyond the notes heard in importance.



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