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    Elzer Hof    Mainz, Germany
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Want to hear the best rendition of Doctor Diamond? This is it. Elsewhere Lament comes close to being the monster Wetton always wanted it to be, whilst Easy Money addicts will need to add this one to their collection; it’s amongst the best “hard” versions pummeling doubters and flattening opposition. There’s a pensive element to the improvisations that pepper this incomplete show, seasoning the standard Crim repertoire with a tinge of exotic mystery. Best of these is the sultry Spanish-style phrasing of Atria. Here, David Cross provides great atmosphere and depth alongside Robert’s scorching notes. The mighty rhythm section slip the leash, running with a choppy, explosive groove that could well be the signature sound of this line-up.

Disc Number 1
1.  Improv The Savage  [PREVIEW]  2.13
2.  Dr Diamond  [PREVIEW]  5.49
3.  Improv Arabica  [PREVIEW]  2.29
4.  Exiles  [PREVIEW]  7.01
5.  Improv Atria  [PREVIEW]  6.15
6.  The Night Watch  [PREVIEW]  5.08
7.  Starless  [PREVIEW]  12.27
8.  Lament  [PREVIEW]  4.20
9.  Improv Trio  [PREVIEW]  4.36
10.  Easy Money  [PREVIEW]  7.51

All previews are MP3 192kbps

Bill Bruford - Drums, Percussion
David Cross - Violin, Viola, Mellotron, Electric Piano
Robert Fripp - Guitar, Mellotron
John Wetton - Bass Guitar & Lead Vocal


Audio Source: Board Recording

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