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    The Music Room    Broad Chalke, Wilts, UK

It's Friday - time for the latest excitement from the music room.

This track, sung by Andy Yorke, has languished unloved but not forgotten for over a year, waiting for Cathy Stevens - of Europa String Choir and "Moving Force" fame - to add her touch of viola magic. What kind of beast may it yet become with a real bass clarinet, oboe and violin ensemble.


Disc Number 1
1.  In Dying Fire  [PREVIEW]  

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The Vicar -


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Band Member Diaries

In Dying Fire    Fri., Mar 24, 2006
Written by The Vicar

Today at the Vicarage : A wet and windy Vicarage.

If there was ever a day for relaxing in front of a large log fire - gazing into the embers and conjuring ghosts and guardian angels - this is surely it. And such an unexpected pleasure when the Tall Pointy One sent me a running mix of "In Dying Fire" with Andy’s vocal and Cathy’s viola.

I am sure Andy would not mind me saying that his second vocal session did not initially have the "spark" of the first (when the heavens opened, and the trumpets blazed, in a very muted English way, as he sung San Manuel and The Moony Song). which should be blamed entirely on the songwriter, not the singer. Which makes it an even greater pleasure to hear how wonderful this is. The closing lines have always been a favourite, and the opening carries shades of the Penguin cafe Orchestra - while the whole is uniquely David.

Excitement, excitement - the days of vocal sessions draw to a close, and we will soon be overdubbing orchestras, and all manner of strange instruments you blow, slap and tickle. This project may yet be finished before I am old and grey, with the testicles of my father, and the hearing of Ludwig the B. Who would have thunk it?


Fan Reviews

 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars6 out of 5 starsIn Dying Fire, Sat., Jan 20, 2007
Written by The_Papetti_Incident

What a wonderful song, Vicar.

This piece seems to have Eno’s simplicity and "sense of what is right" (RF), Andy Partridge’s good taste for pop (expecially in the closing variation), plus the delicacy of Cathy’s viola, all of that mixed together.

I would probably have chosen to play the card of "turn turn turn", as well as other vocal harmonies, halfway through the piece rather than from the very beginning, in order to both enhance the piece climax and leave the beauty of the lead vocal line clearer in the opening section; but that’s only my view.

I strongly recommend DGMlive visitors to download this gem.



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