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Previous Item   June 29, 2004  Next Item SOUND  VISION WORD
    Royal Albert Hall    London, United Kingdom
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The final date of the UK leg of the G3 tour. Punter TimJ thought that Fripp’s solo spot opening the evening was “Just a load of washy synth sounds. I was at least expecting something that sounded vaguely like a guitar - I have some King Crimson stuff and he's clearly a talented player, so why this?” Mukund offers some suggestions as to the scapes might be improved. “Robert Fripp started good, but it soon becomes very monotonous if one's playing about the same kind of music for a full half hour.. there were some jeers from the crowd. I personally thought if drumming was to suddenly join in, it would have rocked as atleast there could have been some variation in the drumming patterns.” Dickij had an even more specific advice as to how Fripp might go down better with the G3 crowd. “He could have stood up and not been quite so tedious.” Ilych however was impressed. “I actually liked this, despite the look of boredom on everyone's faces and the heckling. this music is actually closer to Vai's than Satch's bog-standard 4/4 rock widdling.” Art was also open to the soundscape experience “he was doing something that you're unlikely to hear very often.” After the Albert Hall, Fripp and the G3 posse headed over to France.


Disc Number 1
1.  Threshold Bells  [PREVIEW]  0.40
2.  Paradise  [PREVIEW]  8.25
3.  Threshold Shift  [PREVIEW]  1.02
4.  Paradise Lost  [PREVIEW]  9.54
5.  Paradise Regained  [PREVIEW]  8.40

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Robert Fripp


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