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    12th & Porter    Nashville, TN
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The third night in Nashville finds the room in 12th & Porter hot and sweaty which is exactly how the band found themselves. The early version of Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With) finally finds its feet tonight though the idea of bookending it with the Heavy ConstruKction theme is still something of an awkward fit.

Response To Stimuli (later to be retitled FaKcts of Life) also has a greater definition and sense of purpose, pretty much hitting all the milestones and marks it would later possess. FraKctured is taken at a fearsome lick, providing a real white-knuckle ride for your money, and arguably the real keeper for the night despite the odd metrical mishap here and there.

After a comfortable run-through of Dinosaur and brisk trot through Thela, Virtuous Circle makes its first appearance in this run. Revolving around a sinuous Gunn groove, various lines of enquiry are advanced by Belew and Fripp; the latter restricted to dreamy atmospherics whilst the former introduces some terse, jagged chords whose abrasive quality instills a sense of gnawing tension. Level Five also seems to have found its final shape by this gig and yet Fripp notes in his diary that “not honourable” and “Tonight's show lacked the integrity that characterised the performance yesterday.”

Is he right? You decide!

Disc Number 1
1.  Dangerous Curves  [PREVIEW]  6.20
2.  Into The Frying Pan  [PREVIEW]  7.05
3.  Heavy ConstruKction  [PREVIEW]  5.19
4.  Response To Stimuli  [PREVIEW]  4.55
5.  FraKctured  [PREVIEW]  7.15
6.  Dinosaur  [PREVIEW]  5.37
7.  Thela Hun Ginjeet  [PREVIEW]  5.38
8.  Virtuous Circle  [PREVIEW]  9.56
9.  The Worlds My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum  [PREVIEW]  6.52
10.  Level Five  [PREVIEW]  8.20
Disc Number 2
1.  The ConstruKction Of Light  [PREVIEW]  9.17
2.  Krimson Blue  [PREVIEW]  6.42
3.  Larks Tongues In Aspic Pt IV  [PREVIEW]  13.22
4.  Deception Of The Thrush  [PREVIEW]  8.58
5.  Heroes  [PREVIEW]  6.33

All previews are MP3 192kbps

Robert Fripp
Adrian Belew
Pat Mastelotto
Trey Gunn


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Band Member Diaries

    Sat., Jun 16, 2001
Written by Robert Fripp
My Wife is in Manchester, my Sister in Nashville. I shall see my Sister this evening. And the sun is shining.

Patricia flew in yesterday afternoon to be official KC Merchandiser at 12th. & Porter, and is planning to be the support act tonight.

The show: Clams Crimsonique was the only dish of the evening. Even Pat discovered places he had never thought of going before. I realised, yet again, that FraKctured has no available margins to accommodate error. My whammy bar (or in English, tremelo arm) was sticking in a novel position, a position which managed to upset the right hand on several occasions. A generous audience hooted generously as we de-railed on that, and on many other occasions. Also available: a selection of three different first-of-the-bars in 11/8 for around 2 minutes on "Response To Stimuli".

The heat was less tormentatious than on Thursday, but the guitarists still spent the evening chasing tunings as they flew about, regardless of string locks and modern tuning pegs.

Good humour abounded, on stage and in the audience - apart from one audient, who (according to Sister) was really bugged (an Americanism learnt from T. Baldy Levin, our Fifth Man) that we weren't playing ITCOTCK material. It's true: a well kept secret for at least two decades is now out of the bag - King Crimson doesn't play ITCOTCK material.

I drove Patricia back to her hotel before return to Chateau Belewbeloid. A specially trained mosquito was waiting in The Basement to feed upon the neck of an innocent guitarist, which it did & then flew around slowly, gorged on Fripp blood. Hernan Nunez would have spent all night seeking it out for retribution, but Crimson members are nothing compared to the aroused ire of the Gaucho Kingpin.

Today, e-flurrying and beginning packing for Monday's flight home to the accompaniment of Tool's Aenima.


Fan Reviews

 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars6 out of 5 starsKrimsons friends!, Tue., Aug 21, 2012
Written by eggplant

I had the pleasure to view the first three shows as sunday was added late when I  first got tickets. I flew in from D.C.,my brother from Miami and we set up camp in the back corner of the hot cave called 12th. and Porter. I mangaged to speak with both Paul and Patricia, she was selling talk (R.F.) cassettes, he was working the mixer and I got to steal some info from the talent of this guy in charge of sound enforcements. Indead, the goods produced went out in strong fashion , just like a strong cup of coffee, no sugar please. I came away from the week spent on travel waiting for this moment to return. And now the moment has arrived. I’m glad you made them available for me to enjoy more than once.    W.S.K.



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